It wasn’t how she planned it. The weather was supposed to be bright, sunny & inviting. She was supposed to feel the flood of warmth on her back as she walked down the aisle, see the trees dancing in the summer breeze. His eyes were supposed to reflect the blue cloudless sky as she met his gaze. A gaze that would be held for the moments to come. This is what she had had in mind. This is what their day should look like. She had knit every detail, woven every strand together to create the image of a perfect wedding. Rain was not included, and it was certainly not on the invite list. And yet, it seemed it would make an appearance anyway.

The morning of her long-awaited wedding: the skies were gray. She had prayed and prayed for rain to stay at home. She couldn’t bear the thought of her beautiful outdoor wedding getting drenched on; not today. Any day but today. As she stepped into her gown, slipped on her suede pumps and straightened her veil, she drew a deep, desperate breath and headed off to meet her forever.

As she made her way down that grassy aisle, not one rain drop fell. The uninvited guest was nowhere to be seen. She smiled, as if to thank the clouds for containing their friend. There was no golden warmth on her back, no dancing trees and no sun. But there were his eyes. They did not reflect the cloudless sky: they reflected something much more beautiful. As she met his gaze she could see an eternity. She could see the love, the care and the friendship they had built over the years. She could see a collection of moments that brought them to this one. And there, gazes locked, she saw a home. One she would return to over & over again.

The rain did fall, as the forecast said it would. But not before they exchanged their vows, said their “I do’s” and locked lips for the first time as husband and wife. She smiled, for their love and resilience was worth far more than any perfect summer day. Besides, the rain brought with it renewal and rebirth. A celebration of their new way of life as One.


Makeup Artist: Looks by China
Hairstylist: Nicole Adams at Genevieve a Salon and Boutique 
Florist: Confetti 
Cake: Wildflour Confections 
Cupcakes: NoRA Cupcake Company 
Venue: Barns at Wesleyan Hills 
Photographer: Alicia Ann Photographers
Photo Booth: Music in Motion 



After meeting one random night in New Hampshire, John would probably sum up his conclusion of Britny as a bit of a firework experience. Just one night with her, and he was smitten. He took his time, and made sure to intentionally participate in online conversation threads that she was part of, but ultimately this led to Britny and John interacting with each other more directly. he finally decided that the time had come, and made the 8 hours drive to see her in person once more and, just like that first night, it was fireworks. It only made sense, then, that after being together for a couple years that John would decide to propose to Britny on the 4th of July. And so it was, on that balmy 4th that they went to a fair together and right as tire fireworks began, he decided that the time had come. He got down on one knee and, under the umbrella of loud booms and a glittering sky, asked Britny to be his wife. And while we can’t know for sure, I would say that in that moment, they likely were experiencing fireworks on the inside just as much as they were enjoying them on the outside.


Meet Britny + John


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The day was overcast and rainy but it could not have been more perfect for Elyssa + Michael’s elegant wedding. They are old souls with a deep appreciate for old fashioned romance, charm and elegance. Whether it was Elyssa wearing her romantic lace wedding dress with her hair gently pulled back in bun or the way their wedding reception building took you back in time with the beautiful original architecture and charm; it all echoed their love for the what’s important in life and their love of it. They couldn’t wait one more moment to get married, so they decided to start their wedding day off bright and early, with a morning ceremony, a reception at ROIA restaurant, and then continued into the day by having an after party with all of their loved ones.

Makeup Artist: Shag 
Hair Stylist: Shag
Florist: Flowers on the Green
Cake: Erica Obrien
Venue: ROIA Restaurant 
Photographer: Alicia Ann Photographers
DJ: Local Motion Entertainment 
Wedding Dress: BHLDN




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