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of your life


best day

It's finally happening…the day you always dreamed about is in the works. From the time you were a little girl (or boy!), you envisioned what it would be like to walk down the aisle, to promise forever to that one person who makes your heart and soul complete and finally…that day is almost here. As you begin to plan your wedding it is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of work and cost involved. One thing I always remind my clients is that it is one day – the best day of your life. You want to make sure that you do everything possible to freeze those moments in time in a way that is so raw, authentic, and uniquely you. Once the cake has been passed, the guests have all gone home, and the flowers have dried up, you will have one thing to remember and relive your wedding day by – your photographs. When taking annual family portraits my dad used to gripe about the expense of it and my mom would always say “What is priceless tomorrow is expensive today.” And she was right. The money they spent back then now pales in comparison to timeless photographs, canvases, and memories that they have hanging on their wall. It’s about freezing a joyous moment in time and keeping it that way…forever.
Here at No Eye Has Seen Photography we value the importance of capturing timeless, candid photographs of your wedding day and it is our utmost priority to make sure that attention is paid to every detail and emotion. When you sit with your granddaughter on your lap, looking through your wedding album and telling her about the fantastic time you had, you will want to be looking at photos that bring you right back to that moment that he touched you, saw you, held your hand, and kissed you. It may be costly but you will never regret making an investment that will be enjoyed by the generations that are to follow you. For specific pricing information, contact Alicia.