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what i dream about

I am
a dreamer

I am a dreamer. I have always been and likely always will be. I remember being a 5 year old girl and keeping a “diary” of the things I dreamed about. At that time in my life it was about having a pretty house, being a nurse, and having lots of babies. When I was 12, my biggest dream was to be the first female football player for the NFL. After my dad destroyed my dream by helping me realize I would likely never weigh more than 130lbs, I dreamed of being a Dallas cowboys cheerleader. When I was 16 I dreamed of being a well-known motivational speaker and living in a third world country. At 20 years old I dreamed of starting a “dream center” that was a safehouse for the underprivileged citizens of American cities.

Today I dream of happiness. I dream of continued health. I dream of being an incredible wife and mother. I dream of owning a home that is a place of both peace and fantastic parties. I dream of being authentic. I dream of visiting every country in the world. I dream of being free. I dream of helping people. I dream of living a life for something so much greater than just my own wealth, happiness, and fulfilled dreams. I dream of making the dreams of others come true.

And I will continue to spend the rest of my life dreaming and working towards those dreams.